Notes: Podcasts

Podcast 1:

When dealing with large numbers, don’t look at averages

Scale winners Vs Niche players

Think about flip side of a decision (Reminded of the quote, “strategy is sacrifice”)

How to measure network health? The larger you become, it is more important is to move away from averages

The mechanics with out understanding the underlying system won’t work

Start from the end and reason backwards

It takes about 200ms before the human mind perceives latency

Identify fragmented or less profitable suppliers to gain a foot hold and deliberately match your way up the chain

Get a wedge and widen it over time

Don’t look at the aggregate data, look at what happen one or two level below the clicks

Podcast 2:

Community mindset

Don’t overfit the data

Be a learning machine

Learn and evolve product by analyzing customer behavior – example discussed in the podcast is about users deleting the pictures after posting.

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